Fruit Butters

Ingredients: Organic Butter, Organic Fruit, and Local Raw Honey.

8oz Jar-$8.00

​1. Cinnamon Honey 

2. Apple and Honey

3. Apricot and Honey

4. Plum and Honey

5. Peach and Honey

6. Pear and Honey

7. Grape and Honey

Fresh Nut Butters

​Made in a Home Kitchen 

Permit # FA0285319

Issued in Fresno County

​Cashew Butter 

8oz Jar-$10.00

1. Cashew

2. Cashew Dark Chocolate

3. Cashew Almond

​Peanut Butter  

8oz Jar-$8.00


1. Natural Peanut

2. Roasted Peanut (Organic Peanuts)

3. Honey Roasted Peanut

4. Dark Chocolate Salted Carmel Peanut

​5. Cinnamon Vanilla Peanut

6. Dark Chocolate Peanut

7. Cookie Peanut

8. Vanilla Peanut

9. Butterscotch Vanilla Peanut

Almond Butter

8oz Jar-$10.00

1. Chocolate Almond

​2. Vanilla Almond

Hazelnut Butter

​8oz Jar-$10.00

​1. Hazelnut Dark Chocolate

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